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Capsules Prostaffect
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Get rid of prostatitis with the natural remedy Prostaffect

Prostaffect capsules are an effective drug for the treatment of prostatitis. Stop and stop the development of inflammatory processes in the prostate. If you need to order these capsules {in the country} at the best price - only 299 Kn, you must state your name and telephone number in the application form on the official website. You will soon be called by a consultant from the company and advised as soon as possible. In the future, the package will be delivered to your address in Croatia by postal or courier delivery of your choice.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Urologist Mladen Doctor Mladen
16 years
Prostaffect capsules are an effective drug for the treatment of prostatitis. The composition of the capsules is completely natural and without additives. The drug has passed clinical trials, which proves its effectiveness. I recommend this medicine and it can be easily bought in Croatia at a low price.

Natural remedy for prostatitis - Prostaffect

Pain and discomfort when urinating - symptoms of prostatitis

Prostaffect capsules are an effective treatment for prostatitis and prevention of diseases such as prostate adenoma. It is a plant product. The drug for the prevention and treatment of prostate disease is popular due to the fact that it has a wide range of effects and helps to cope with the symptoms and causes of prostatitis.


Chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis

Free radicals are biologically irritating ingredients that trigger the inflammatory response. Our body has a biological mechanism for absorbing and breaking down these irritating ingredients. After 50 years, however, our antioxidant defenses become less effective in preventing free radical damage. This leads to chronic inflammation, to which the prostate is particularly sensitive and usually causes frequent urination, discomfort, bloating and a feeling of satiety.

But with the help of Prostaffect capsules you can easily restore your body’s natural defenses and stop prostatitis. You can buy capsules for the treatment of prostatitis in Croatia at the best price. Get the product for half the promotion price!

Prostaeffect composition for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis

The unique formulation of cultivated herbs and natural biological compounds is designed to restore your body’s natural antioxidant defenses and help control prostate inflammation, as well as aid in the treatment and prevention of chronic prostatitis that can cause adenoma.

4 steps to a healthy prostate
Step 1 Daily intake of Prostaffect - Taking the medicine daily helps increase your body's natural antioxidant defenses and prevents inflammation.
Step 2 Reduced inflammation - Improved protection against irritating free radicals reduces inflammation in the prostate.
Step 3 Fewer daily breaks - With a healthier prostate, you have fewer breaks in your daily routine.
Step 4 Healthy, happy lifestyle - You are more productive, less anxious and do not need to constantly look for the nearest bathroom.


  1. Speed - Symptoms and feelings of pain disappear in the first few days.
  2. Safe composition - Unlike other prostatitis medications, Prostaffect is a completely safe and natural capsule.
  3. Health - Intensively affects the tissues of the prostate, and has a generally strengthening effect on the whole body. There is more strength, energy, increased libido.
  4. Proven efficacy - In the development of Prostaffect capsules, it has been decided that it is necessary to prove clinically as an effective drug before it is sold and placed on the market to help alleviate urinary problems caused by prostatitis.

Research Prostaffect capsules

Prostate before and after treatment with Prostaffect capsules

Once everything was set up, a placebo-controlled clinical trial was started for 30 days. The study involved 50 men with a mean age of 50 with prostate problems. 30 participants received Prostaffect capsules and 20 others placebo. Everyone is instructed to take the product daily and keep a diary of their experiences.

The results of a study of men taking prostatitis medication:

How to buy a cure for prostatitis

To order the Prostaffect tool - for only 299 Kn, find out the cost in other countries, you must provide your name and telephone number in the application form on the official website. The facilitator will call you and advise you as soon as possible. Croatia is the right place for these powerful capsules.

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