Experience of use Prostaffect

Vilnius, Jurgis, experience of using Prostaeffect capsules

Photo Prostaffect capsules, experience of use

I will tell you about my experience with Prostaffect capsules and review this tool. I realized that I have prostatitis due to a series of symptoms, which will be described below. They appeared gradually, but they intensified every day. This situation bothered me a lot, at first I thought it would go away on its own and I was embarrassed to buy the medicine myself. The days went by and the symptoms only got worse, I was distracted, something was constantly bothering me, I went to the toilet very often. And after a while I realized it was no longer possible to procrastinate and I bought Prostaffect capsules, which I didn’t regret for a second.

Indications and contraindications


Experience of using Prostaffect by Jurgis from Vilnius
  • Tingling and pressure in the perineum
  • More frequent and painful urination
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Recurrent pain in the lower abdomen
  • Testicular deformity and asymmetry
  • Decreased erection and sexual libido
  • Recurrent constipation and diarrhea


Prostaffect has no contraindications, because the composition is absolutely natural and non-toxic to humans. However, it is recommended to consult a physician before use to rule out the possibility of personal intolerance to the components that make up the composition. I had almost all the symptoms at once.

How to use?

Instructions for use
Step 1 It is necessary to take 1 capsule a day, preferably on an empty stomach, I did it, I did not miss a single day.
Step 2 You need to drink the medicine for three months (but it helps much faster).

I believe that this is the best medicine for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, because it was he who could help me get rid of this disease. It is completely safe, so I can recommend it to men of all ages who face this problem.

After everything I’ve experienced, I carefully monitor my health and keep these capsules just in case.